Who Am I…

Who Am I?… That’s a good question I suppose. I thought I should really expand on me, so more of you can understand where I’m coming from.

I am a wife, a big sister and a daughter. I am creative (I have a degree in Commercial Photography), I love fell walking, I like to be unique and different (not sure if this is a good thing yet!), I am passionate, but to be truthful, just fairly ordinary. I guess I am just… me.

My little brother suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is my ‘why’. If you read my previous post this will make more sense. Now I’m going to be honest (unfortunately, I’m nothing if not honest), if your looking for statistics, information on the condition, or my view on whatever latest cure they think they’ve come up with, your in the wrong place. Take it from me, it’s shitty. And that’s all I’ll be saying on the matter.

I personally have never found any amount of going over this stuff makes it easier, and clinging onto a far alluded to hope of some cure, in my opinion does no good for anyone. Your missing on all of the good parts while your focusing on the science of it, which in the midst of it all means very little. The fact is, sometimes we are just dealt a really shit hand of cards, and we just have to accept what is (as hard as that is to swallow!).

This blog is my account on how this has shaped MY life. A siblings perspective. One that is quite often forgotten.

From a young age my brother has been firstly, a royal pain in the arse (like every sibling is at one point or another), and close second, someone I’ve always looked up to. I have learnt more on the meaning of life from him, than I ever have off anyone else. I vividly remember him being about 8 (maybe even younger) and saying that it was everyone else that had a problem, not him. I also remember fearing being subjected to a round of ‘fisty cuffs’ while he mouthed off at some teenagers saying; “What’s your problem? Do you want a picture?”. I can laugh now, but believe me he was holding no prisoners at the time!

But that’s just one occasion I can think of where he has defied the odds, and stood up for what is right. I look at it like this; if he can do that while dealing with all the shit that he does, what’s the excuse for the rest of us!? And that’s what sparks the fire in MY belly. His fire, perspective, determination and most of all… wicked sense of humour.

A good sense of humour just makes all the shit seem a little less shittier, and the world a little less daunting and scary. And believe me, our family knows how to banter like no other. Not everyone get’s it, but it’s what keep us going.

It’s important to keep perspective on all of this, and see the light and good in an unfortunate situation. As I write this I can think of so many happy memories, funny stories and hilarious comments made over the years. I really and truly believe that this is what we have to hold on to. And like I said in my previous post, no-one ever tells you the good parts, but fear not, that’s what I’m here for 🙂

Over the coming weeks I am going to be addressing a host of different topics, if there are some you would like to me discuss my perspective on, then I would love to hear them.






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