My first love…

Photography! No, nothing soppy I’m afraid sorry to disappoint.

The reason photography was my first love is because it was the first way I found how to express myself in a creative way. This started when I decide to take Art at GCSE, and photography came as part of this. I learned that I loved to capture moments as they happen, real ones. When I was around 15 years old I developed ME/CFS quite severely, so I quickly went from a regular very active teenager, to being bed bound and very limited in what I could do for a number of years. Photography was one of the only things I could do as it required limited energy sources, but something I grew to really love and still love now.

I wanted to share with you all my final project for my degree show when I was at university which was 5/6 years ago now! In my second year a series of events lead me to a crisis of confidence in what I was doing. Was I doing the right degree? I felt like there was more important work I should be doing, and I kept veering back towards more health care based professions. This project was where I found my happy medium. The balance between my passions as a creative individual, and how to express what I wanted to around DMD too. Funny really that I’ve only been writing this blog for a year, but my passion for raising awareness of DMD really started 5/6 years ago.

When I approached my third and final year at university, I wanted to express what a day in Joe’s life was like and all the things he had to do daily. This is really a lot different to what it is like for him now as this was a number of years ago. I wanted to raise awareness in a real and honest way, but not in a sad ‘feel sorry for me’ kind of way either… it’s a difficult balance to find believe me because a lot of the ‘real and honest’ things are also sad. I called my degree show ‘A day in the life of…’ which much to my surprise got me an award and a 2:1, which I worked hard for, but I think showed because it was something I was passionate about.

My point for sharing this with you all is that for a long time I found (and still find) it hard to find my own identity in amongst everything else that goes on. Taking photographs is a way to calm my mind, and capture something real, honest and in the moment. Something I really don’t do nearly enough these days. We can look back on photographs for years to come and they are memories of a time that has otherwise past. I am a firm believer, and even more so with DMD being in my life, that we should always make as many memories as we can for as long as we can, and it just so happens that I enjoy capturing them.

Above you will see a series of images, these were the images that I used for my degree show and they’re in a specific order for a reason. Each image takes the viewer through the daily routine in a real and honest documentary style format. A lot of my photography is in this style as I feel that it really captures a true moment. I hope you take from this what I did, and I hope to share more of my photography with you all in the future.


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