Powerchair Football…

Football is a HUGE part of Joe’s life, and always has been for as long as I can remember.  I’ve slowly learned more over the years about who is who and usually only within the confines of Man United (I can’t keep up for the best will in the world!).

Joe plays powerchair football for norther thunder, a way for him to enjoy a sport that he loves despite his disability. We travel over to newcastle (about an hour and a half from where we live) twice a week for him to train. Joe’s team also play in the national league so he travels to Nottingham for the weekend several times a year. I write this very bleary eyed after having been in Nottingham this weekend. They are very long and tiring weekends, but certainly exciting and fun too. It’s always nice to meet other people from different teams and their families in the same or similar position, and be a part of something so positive and competitive.

Joe’s team are travelling to Denmark in 4 weeks to compete in the Championship, I mean what an opportunity! They will play against teams such as France and Ireland, which probably gives you a better idea of just how large the sport actually is.

This sport was not something I ever would have been aware of if it wasn’t for Joe’s condition. It is such a positive thing to be involved in, and an activity that can be enjoyed by all…yes I’ve had a go and verdict is… I’m terrible and cannot be trusted. The specialist chairs that are used to play power chair football; are really fast!! I learned the hard way after several attempts of nearly loosing a few toes!

A few weeks ago we went to Old Trafford on a stadium tour. I can’t express just how big a Man U fan Joe really is. Anyone who knows him will know just how big a deal it is when they lose in the Alecock household!! Joe had been to Old Trafford before many years ago, but it was really good to go back and for Joe to see all of the changes that had been made and learn more about the history of the football there. I have to admit I quite enjoyed it too being more of a rugby fan myself. The best part was that we got our own private tour rather than being part of a large group! The pictures below are more than 10 years apart (I think!)… the changing rooms are certainly much more high tech now than they were back then!!


I wanted to share with you all the importance of being part of a sport like this for Joe. This is something he has always loved, and for him to be able to be a part of a team and play a sport that he loves so much is huge. This is a sport that is now played worldwide, and a couple of members of Joe’s team play for England!!

If you know of someone who would benefit from this… spread the word, the possibilities are endless, and the positive effect this has for the boys is amazing…. plus it certainly brings out a competitive streak to say the least!!








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