Memories last a lifetime!

Making memories is something that we as a family have always found to be especially important. Over the years I have been very lucky to have made so many memories with my family, and these are memories that I will treasure forever. The older I get the more I appreciate the gift of memories and this reiterates my love for photographs, and part of the reason I took up photography all those years ago. I love looking back through old photographs and remembering the times that come with them, and I think when you have a sibling or anyone with a life limiting condition this is even more important.

Here are some of my favourite memories we have made:

This was a holiday to Seahouses in 2013! We had such good fun this holiday as Joe got to go in a big moon buggy so he could get down to play on the beach with the rest of us (see pic below). We had a week of playing cards and squabbling as siblings do but we had such good fun.

Joe’s makes a wish where we got a private tour of the Manchester United football ground, Joe met triple H a WWE wrestler for those of you who aren’t familiar and, to ride in a limousine there too which was really cool!

Below was a holiday we had to Corfu in 2006 just look at those tans and how young!!! Joe spent pretty much the entirety of this holiday in the swimming pool, even when it rained he refused to get out… so we swam in the rain because hey what the hell!

Lastly below is a picture that was taken on my wedding day which is one of my favourite pictures! This just sums up the bond that I have with Joe still styling his hair for him on my wedding day because mum couldn’t do it right.. sacked!

These are just a small selection of some amazing memories that the older I get and the harder things become, I treasure all the more. I love an afternoon looking through old pictures as I reflect with such fondness and that’s what I hold on to. We don’t know what tomorrow brings for any of us which is highlighted even more when you have a sibling with a condition like DMD, so as a result I have always been a big believer in making as many memories as we can because this is what are left with in the end… and I mean that in general. I would always rather buy someone a gift that is to go and do something as you remember that more than objects.

That’s all the advice I would give to any DMD family/ sibling is just keep making as many happy memories as you possibly can, because that’s what gets you through the tough times! Happy Friday 🙂

One thought on “Memories last a lifetime!

  1. Iv just read this , it was so beautifull it made me cry , you are such a close family and your making wonderfull memories.xx


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